HTML5 <wbr> Tag

The HTML <wbr> tag is used to represent a word break opportunity. A word break opportunity is defined as a position within text where the browser may optionally break a line, though its line-breaking rules would not otherwise create a break at that location.

No content is permitted inside this element. It is an empty tag. This element should only have a start tag, but must not have an end tag. The parent of the <wbr> tag can be any element that accepts phrasing content.

On UTF-8 encoded pages, <wbr> behaves like the U+200B ZERO-WIDTH SPACE code point. In particular, it behaves like a Unicode bidi BN code point. This means that it has no effect on bidi-ordering: <div dir=rtl>123,<wbr>456</div> displays 123,456 when not broken on two lines and not 456,123.

This is helpful when you don't want a word or URL to break at a critical point. For example, a URL should always be broken before punctuation because the reader might assume the line break to be end of the URL.


This element only accepts global attributes.

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