HTML5 <tr> Tag

The HTML <tr> element is used to define a row of cells in a table. Those can be a mix of <td> and <th> elements.

The only content permitted inside this element is zero or more <td> or <th> elements, or a mix of them. The start tag is mandatory for this element. The end tag may be omitted if the <tr> element is immediately followed by a <tr> element, or if the parent table group (<thead>, <tbody> or <tfoot>) element doesn’t have any more content. The parent of the <tr> tag can be <table>, <thead>, <tbody> or <tfoot> element.

The following style is applied to this element by default:

tr {
  display: table-row;
  vertical-align: inherit;
  border-color: inherit;


This element only accepts global attributes.

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