HTML5 <param> Tag

The HTML <param> tag is used to define parameters for an <object> element.

No content is permitted inside the <param> tag as it is a void element. The start tag is mandatory for this element but there must be no closing tag. The parent of the <param> tag can be an <object> before any flow content.

The following style is applied to this element by default:

param {
  display: none;



Name of the parameter.


Only used if the valuetype is set to "ref". Specifies the MIME type of values found at the URI specified by value.


Specifies the value of the parameter.


Specifies the type of the value attribute. Possible values are:

  • data: Default value. The value is passed to the object’s implementation as a string.
  • ref: The value is a URI to a resource where run-time values are stored.
  • object: An ID of another <object> in the same document.

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